You have Super Powers

Who are you? What words do you use when you begin to describe yourself? Did you know that when you begin that description with the words, " I AM..." those words have incredible power?

Trouble begins when your, "I am..." includes negative self talk. By claiming negative feelings or thoughts as descriptors of WHO YOU ARE, you take them on as your identity. And that's a LIE.

It's perfectly OK to FEEL negatively ("I FEEL sick / anxious / weak / angry"), but these words do not hold the truth of WHO you are. You are not sickness. You are not anger. Don't allow your subconscious mind to create a false narrative for who you are.

Words are powerful. So, as you move forward, be aware of the times you say, "I AM..." and instead say, "I FEEL..." statements. This simple change takes away ownership and replaces it with a fleeting feeling.

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