Coaching is set apart from other services by the way in which the coach approaches conversation with the client. Coaches do not teach, but help you through a process of discovery by using active listening skills, asking powerful questions, expanding thought processes, identifying limiting beliefs, designing action steps, and following up.

Keith Webb, a leading expert in the world of coaching, has this to say about coaching:

  • Coaches don't talk, they listen.

  • Coaches don't give information, they ask questions.

  • Coaches don't offer ideas, they generate ideas from clients.

  • Coaches don't present solutions, they expand their client's thinking.

  • Coaches don't share their story, they tap into their clients experience.

  • Coaches don't give recommendations, they empower clients to choose.

I begin with the belief that all people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I use an evidence-based approach to help my clients figure out what's blocking them, and how they can eliminate the blocks to create the life they dream of living - a life filled with happiness and hope. Through coaching, my clients feel heard and understood, and excited about creating positive change. 

Package pricing is listed below.

When necessary,  I can certainly create other coaching arrangements to fit your needs. 

Four 1-hour virtual or in-person coaching sessions.

Included in this package: unlimited access via email and text.

Renewable upon request.

Rate: $125/session x 4 sessions = $500

Four 1-hour virtual or in-person coaching sessions, per month x 4 months.

Included in this package: unlimited access via email and text

PLUS Shadowmatch Assessment.

Renewable upon request.

Rate: $100/session x 16 sessions = $1,600

Twice a month 1-hour virtual coaching sessions, throughout the semester. Included in this package: unlimited access via email and text

PLUS Shadowmatch Assessment

Renewable upon request.

Rate: $1,500 per semester

Raising a teen can be hard, and you are not alone. Here are some

common topics for parent coaching:

Improving communication at home -  Setting clear and consistent boundaries - Homework strategies - Tools for helping your teen cope

If you'd like to schedule a one-time strategy session to troubleshoot a particular parenting issue, I'm available for you, too. 

Rate: $125/session

The Shadowmatch suite offers a series of fully interactive assessment reports that map an individual's specific habits or patterns of behavior.


Shadowmatch is a robust tool that can help you find out how you tend to operate in any given situation. It also offers built-in personal development programs, unique to you, which can help you develop critical habits that are necessary throughout life.


Study Report further analyzes your Shadowmatch responses to provide a personalized plan that promises to improve your academic success when the plan is followed.


And finally, an additional analysis of your Shadowmatch responses will provide your own Career Report, to help ensure you find work you really love doing. 

I provide access to the full Shadowmatch suite with your very own web-based portal, along with one specialized report* at no additional charge, for all of my coaching clients who enroll in 4-month or semester packages. The more you know about yourself, the more powerful you become.

*within the first month of coaching, we will co-design the best free Shadowmatch report

for you, a $129 value.